Plasma Complex Premium ensures the quality and repeatability of the treatment thanks to strict treatment procedures developed in the Laboratorium Piękna by Dr. Bartłomiej Sobolewski.

The injection sites for the individual components of the procedure are precisely defined, which allows to obtain maximum effects thanks to the appropriate use of the unique features of the produced preparations.

We are able to produce not one, but two types of platelet rich fibrin.

The first type, called cellular fibrin, is the most concentrated preparation. The blood is swirled most gently, therefore we keep the maximum number of platelets. Because of small amount of preparateion we use 2 tubes during the treatment.

Cellular fibrin is injected directly to the skin in the form of mesotherapy, using precise injections with a very fine needle, preferably with the use of a special device – a mesotherapy gun. On the one hand, it guarantees great precision of injections, and on the other hand, it ensures great comfort of the treatment – the procedure is practicly painlesss.

Usually the mesotherapy is made Mezoterapię wykonujemy najczęściej on the skin of the forehead, cheeks, lower eyelid, mouth, neck and cleavage area.

The second type of platelet-rich fibrin is called structural fibrin + SPRF+. Such a preparation is created by stronger blood centrifugation. As a result, we obtain more substances with an increased content of fibrinogen. Thanks to this, we can inject “structural fibrin +”  (SPRF+) deeper into the  places that require deep remodeling and filling. Most often, “structural fibrin +” is applied to the area of the cheek, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, to the corner of the mouth, to the valley of tears. Thus, we obtain the effect of regeneration not only of the skin, but also of deeper tissues.

The Plasma Complex Premium treatment is characterized by a very high level of safety, because it uses substances obtained directly from the patient.

Due to its safety, the treatment can also be offered to allergy sufferers.

There are, of course, contraindications, but there are very few of them:

critical thrombocytopenia, tumors, chronic liver disease, acute conditions with autoimmunity, pregnancy and breastfeeding, an active infection, treated with e.g. antibiotics.

You should also remember not to use aspirin during the periprocedural period and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, f.e. ibuprofen,because it will definitely weaken the effects of the treatment. However, it can be used to relieve pain paracetamol and metamizol.

  • the treatment is performed with 3 10 ml tubes
  • certified tubes specially manufactured and marked with the  PLASMA COMPLEX PREMIUM
  • the amount of platelet-rich fibrin obtained for the procedure approx 12 ml
  • single blood collection from the patient
  • combination of two fibrin fractions in one treatment IPRF and SPRF +
  • clearly defined 3 treatment procedures

Platelet Rich Fibrine PRF

Through skillful, very gentle centrifugation of blood in specially designed tubes, we are able to produce a liquid preparation containing many more platelets than the blood circulating in the blood vessels.

This preparation is called platelet-rich fibrin (PRF- Platelet Rich Fibrin). It is a substance containing many times more platelets than the platelet-rich plasma used so far. Thus, it contains a huge amount of growth factors. You can safely call platelet-rich fibrin “the elixir of youth”.

This is not the end of good news. Additionally, platelet-rich fibrin contains fibrinogen. It is a substance that can polymerize, i.e. join into long threads, creating fibrin. Fibrin, on the other hand, builds network-like spatial structures in which blood platelets bind.

A three-dimensional structure is formed containing a very large number of immobilized platelets, from which growth factors are gradually and slowly released. Compared to platelet-rich plasma, which stimulates tissues for about 12 hours, platelet-rich fibrin remains active at the injection site for up to two weeks. It gradually releases growth factors that continuously regenerate and strengthen the treated tissues.

If the platelet-rich fibrin is injected directly into the skin, after some time needed to activate these factors, the treated area begins to regenerate. The skin becomes more elastic, taut and firm. Small, mesh wrinkles are reduced. Discoloration is reduced and the skin tone is evened out.

Hematopoetic stem cells CD 34 +

Hematopoetic stem cell  – HSCs is a cell isolated from the peripheral blood or bone marrow that can differentiate into specialized blood cells. The HSC cell is multipotent as it can differentiate into eight to ten distinct daughter cell lines and has a high multiplication capacity.

Hematopoietic stem cells migrate from the bone marrow to the peripheral blood, but are present in a very small number of 1: 10,000 cells.

All HSC cells show the presence of markers: CD34, CD59, Thy1 and C-kit. The presence of the CD34 marker has become the main distinguishing feature of HSCs, used for their isolation, since it is not present on the surface of fully differentiated blood cells.

It is a group of cells with the greatest regenerative potential, and thanks to the latest centrifugation technology, we are able to increase the number of these cells in the centrifuged preparation.


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