• make-up removal, Patient’s skin condition assessment, determining the indications for the treatment Plasma Complex Premium
  • discussion of the procedure with the patient, obtaining informed consent for its implementation
  • optional application of an anesthetic cream, (10,5% of lidocaine), occlusion (15 -45 minutes depends from the cream)
  • blood is collected into a 3 original certified tubes described as Plasma Complex Premium.
  • centrifugation takes place according to strictly defined procedures that allow for obtaining the highest quality treatment material.
  • neckline skin all over
  • the skin of the neck with the exception of transverse wrinkles
  • neck skin – linearly along the transverse wrinkles of the neck (“Venus necklace”)
  • the middle area of the skin on the neckline, especially in the lower areas between the breasts
  • we suggest to apply a soothing post-treatment cream
  • providing the Patient with post-treatment recommendations


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