Plasma Complex PREMIUM

is a NATURALL autologous treatment performed with patient own blood.


consist in collecting and centrifuging blood from which we get an unique fraction of platelet rich fibrine „SPRF+”, containing fibrynogen with growth factors, and platelet rich fibrine „IPRF” with blood derivatives stem cells CD34+.

We combine all the unique features of the preparation from the patient’s own blood in one procedure called Plasma Complex Premium.

It is an unique regenerative medicine traetment, that uses enormous potential of the patients own growth factors and stem cells.

Thanks to the unique blood centrifugation technology, only one blood sampling is enough, what definitely improves the comfort of the traetment. Centrifugation parameters as per the concept LSCC (Low Speed Centrifugation Concept) make it possible to obtain maximum concentration of platellets,stem cells and growth factors.

  • It is complete certified kit for performing a full treatment of deep revitalization and regeneration.
  • thanks to the use of the properties of platelet-rich fibrin in the form of “IPRF”, SPRF + “and stem cells, in one treatment we achieve the highest effectiveness of the treatment.
  • 3 originals procedures tailored to the patients needs.
  • strong skin stimulation to produce new colagen fibres
  • shallowing the wrinkles and scars (including post-acne scars, burns)
  • reduction of stretch marks
  • filling tissue defects in the skin
  • skin reviatalisation
  • improves elasticity of the skin
  • improves skin tightness
  • increases skin density
  • smooths and unifye the skin tone
  • hydrate yourself the day before – drink min. 1.5 liters of water
  • on the day of the procedure, do not become dehydrated – any physical effort before the procedure is prohibited, limit coffee consumption
  • 24h before the procedure, do not drink alcohol
  • consult your doctor about the use of drugs
  • keep the post-treatment sites hygienic
  • do not use acrid cosmetics
  • come for another appointment after 4 weeks
  • do not use the SPA, swimming pool and hot baths for 7 days
  • consult your doctor about the use of drugs

The Procedures

stages of the procedure

Blood collection.

Collection of blood into the 3 original, certified tubes marked with Plasma Complex Premium sign.

extraction of plasma from blood. blood test in the laboratory. doctor's hand holding a vacuum test tube with blood against centrifuge.


Blood centrifugation, obtaining till 12 ml of platelet rich fibrine depends on procedure.

The treatment

Performing the procedure depending on indications, according to one of the three procedures effects of treatments.



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